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Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

About Innovation & Technology

Innovations in drinking water sector enable communities to optimize the existing infrastructure, capital investments, operating costs, provide safe water free of chemical and other contaminants found in local sources and energy use. The key aspects of innovation in water treatment processes address both microbial and geo-genic contaminants. Reduction of cost and ease of treatment, improved reject management, efficiency in water supply etc. are some of the key criteria for selection of innovations.

Resilient infrastructure is able to integrate the environmental, social and economic benefits, and address the need for improved real time monitoring. This can significantly improve operational efficiency such as reduction in the non-revenue water and lowering operating costs etc. Innovative water treatment technologies can improve the water quality and provide clean and safe water to even the remotest community, thus accelerating progress towards attaining the sustainable development goals.

Recognizing the importance of innovations in the drinking water sector, Ministry has set up a High Level Technical Committee to recognize innovations. The Committee is chaired by eminent National Research Professor Dr. Raghunath Anand Mashelkar, former Director General, CSIR. Representatives from top rung technical institutes and NGOs are members of the committee. Ministry has an online mechanism to receive applications and the same are considered by the Committee for assessment and benchmarking of technologies based on assured matrix framework. (link for Assured matrix framework).

There is a two stage appraisal process proposed under this framework. Stage I is, technology evaluation by experts from National Research Labs (NEERI, Nagpur) and by States based on sample analysis. The results will be based on field and lab tests. Evaluation of technology would integrate managerial aspects also. In Stage II, on the basis of Stage I report submitted to the Committee, the Committee would assess the technology by duly giving opportunity to the applicant to present his case.

Innovation & Technology Documents

S.No Title Date Attachment
1 Technical Committee for examination and use of innovations and technologies in drinking water and sanitation sector 01/11/2019 Download (85.71 KB) pdf
2 Minutes of 10th High Level Technical Committee meeting held on 13th August, 2018(12.09.2018) 12/09/2018 Download (994.91 KB) pdf
3 Minutes of the one day workshop 10th May, 2018(21.06.2018) 22/06/2018 Download (575.72 KB) pdf
4 Minutes of 9th Meeting of Dr. R.A. Mashelkar Committee held on 23rd January, 2018(16.02.2018) 21/02/2018 Download (960.95 KB) pdf
5 Handbook on Drinking Water Treatment -Technologies,February 2013 Array Download (28.4 MB) pdf