Guidelines | National Rural Drinking Water Programme
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S.No Title Date Attachment
11 Bringing Sustainability to Drinking Water Systems In Rural India Monday,April 13,2015 Download pdf
12 Sajal Gram Puraskar - Draft Guidelines Monday,April 13,2015 Download pdf
13 Block Resource Centers for rural drinking water and sanitation Tuesday,August 24,2010 Download pdf
14 Letter or Instructions regarding WSSSO and SWSM Tuesday,August 24,2010 Download pdf
15 Relaxation in NRDWP guidlines, decreasing sustainibility component of NRDWP to 10% for 2010-11 and 2011-12 Monday,March 28,2011 Download pdf
16 BRC Guidelines Monday,April 13,2015 Download pdf
17 Gram-Panchayat handbook Monday,April 13,2015 Download pdf
18 SWSM & DWSM Guidelines Friday,March 13,2015 Download pdf
19 Release of first installment of funds under newly created component Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme to States during 2011-12 Wednesday,January 4,2012 Download pdf
20 Clarification regarding diversion of Sustainability funds - May 2010 Monday,May 10,2010 Download pdf